Tarot Project

Tarot is an ancient book of wisdom. Extant cards date from 1451, but the tradition is older. A map of human consciousness, Tarot is like a psychologist’s “projective tool”. Cards are mythological mirrors containing many cross-cultural symbols. Imagery evokes memories and associations. Using the cards improves intuition, sparks inspiration and gives clarification and guidance.

London friend, Angela, had a Marseilles deck. We were university students in Spain and wanted to know Que sera, sera?

I met and married my Tall, Dark Stranger many years ago. My interest in Tarot evolved into a study of symbols.

I decided to design and paint Cheryl Cards, my inner and outer experiences expressed in Tarot visuals. My Major Arcana 22 keys are below. These will serve as illustrations for stories I am writing. Fortunately, not all of life is Major Arcana (Archetypal), so I’m also working on Minor Arcana (4 suits,). To be continued …