Tai Chi

When he floated by at a gathering of Humanistic Psychologists (Princeton 1979), I asked Who’s that? What’s he doing?!” Chungliang Al Huang gave me the gift of Tai Chi. While I’ve learned from local teachers, I continue to follow his cheerful chi to Living Tao Foundation (OR), to Omega Institute (NY) and Esalen (CA).

 I teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong at Perdido Bay (FL) Community Center and offer an integrative approach that maximizes health benefits and encourages beginners. Many of my students ask if I have been to China. That seemed a rite of passage for a Tai Chi teacher and so I went in 2008.

Nautilus shell image expressed as Yin Yang symbol is my design. I printed on student T-shirts and used imagery on Tarot cards 8 (Balance) and 10 (Wheel of Fortune).

 Prior to playing Tai Chi, I took intensive workshops with Moshe Feldenkrais, author of Awareness Through Movement, and Gabrielle Roth of The Moving Center. Recently, I’ve added more energy work, including 7 Windows of the Soul chakra balancing with Anodea Judith of Sacred Centers and yoga practice.