Art is weft in the tapestry of my life.  Colorfully and with texture, making art has intertwined with strong warp strings of home, husband, scholarship and vocations.  My aesthetics emerged in 1968 when hands-on process prevailed over intellectual concepts.  I centered clay, spun wool, wove unique garments, gathered vines to coil baskets.  Creating functional artwork was part of everyday life.

Captivated by lost empires, still represented by living tribes, I made trips to Peru, Guatemala and Mexico (1970s).  Exploring indigenous ways and weavings seemed more like “remembering” than learning.  Ethereal interests enveloped me.  Visiting more faraway places (Morocco, Europe, China) looped around and knitted my personal development and artwork together.

Along this way,  I earned a degree from Harvard University focusing on cultural anthropology and a graduate degree in human development. At Abt Associates  (Cambridge, MA), I worked as a Social Scientist.

Threads of Travel, Transpersonal metaphysics, Tarot and Tai Chi: These Ts are keys to fulfillment. My approach became more integrative.  Entwining body with mind, heart with soul, I began layering learning from classes and experimentation with exhibiting and teaching.

Growth expands like a Spiral spinning upward.  Yin/Yang, nautilus shell, these are symbols that resonate.  I circle back to pick up and renew unfinished beginnings with added knowledge and fresh interpretations.  Continuum.  My artwork is a narrative of wonder about the multiverse and my interactions with it.  In this 21st century, the worldwide Web weaves us into it.  On Innerarity Island (Pensacola, FL), companionship with spouse, cuddling with cats, kayaking with dolphin, tending Gaia’s garden, and creating artwork, help to tune my Chakras along this Watercourse Way.